The West Coast of Morocco is a dream surfing destination. With a non-stop source of Atlantic swell - and a constantly changing shoreline of exposed and sheltered point breaks reefs and beach breaks - you're never far from the best wave that's suite your level.

Whether you're looking for challenging reeling ten foot points or the perfect wave to learn on Morocco has it both . Add in some near perfect weather conditions (Over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature Nov-Feb of 21C Mar-Oct 26C water temperature 18-25C) and you've got a recipe for the perfect surf trip.


Agadir is one of the most popular tourist destinations of morocco with the country’s bet facilities and classic white sand beach. The city of agadir has a rich cultural history which makes it across the globe.

It’s the chief seaport of morocco on the western side. The city in fact has a long list of tourist attractions: Traditional and modern building parks mountains and popular Berber traditional markets. The city has now involved into one of the most luxurious holiday resorts and boasts to have some of the best white sand beaches of morocco. The city also is famous for its fishing industry since a long time. That’s one of the foremost attractions of the place.


Beautiful town located in 14 km north the city of Agadir on the road to essaouira.the village coated by euphorbia and argan trees the light is exceptional from sunrise in this peaceful village. Tamraght is also know as the imouran beach has very attractive beaches over 3 km long. Tamraght is wonderful step for surfers the coast is home to some of the best surf spots is morocco such as devil’s rock and crocro beach. For fans of Moroccan cuisine tamraght has many restaurants with panoramic view you can taste the best tagine and fresh fish in the region.

The souk is held every Wednesday the market is filled with colors and smells of fresh products: vegetables fruit dray fruit spices … and especially the distant sound of waves hitting the beach gives the market a pleasant atmosphere.


Internationally famous amongst beach travellers for its simple deco, easygoing and relaxed atmosphere good people and world best surf spots. Conveniently located only 40 min from Agadir international airport it's a short flight (2-3 hrs) from most central European cities. It's the closest place for any European surfer to get all the year round warm water and weather conditions, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience. Taghazout has hudge popularity and been on the hippy track since the 60s and surfers have been riding the waves that peel down its legendary points breaks ever since. It's a typical Moroccan village like no other where local Berber life and surfing culture have combined to make a bustling fun and nice place to lighten up and relax.