The Moroccan Berbere history

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January 24, 2016

Legend set the beginnings of history  in this north-western corner of africa with the dawn of the gods, just about the time that Atlas and the other Titans who ruled the universe were overthrown during a heavenly revolution led by Zeus.  The unlucky Titans were condemned to various sorts of exile and hard labour, and Atlas had as his task to hold the sky on his shoulders through all eternity.  Many aeons passed, and the titan was transmogrified into the mluntain range which still bears his name.

So much for legend. The facts, as far as they can be ascertained, are these: in the Old Stone Age, the Sahara was a vast savanna roamed by animals that can now only survive in more southerly regions. This area progressivly dried, until some 5000 years ago Morocco was virtually isolated by the sandy wastes. By the start of the historical era the Berbers were already established here. No one knows whre they came from, though theories link them with  Celts, Basques or even the Canaanites. They speak their own language and keep ther traditional customs even to our own day. The Berberes speak their own language and keep their traditional customs even to our on day.

The Phoenicians, those great Mediterranean seamen and traders based on Tyre and Sidon, set up their first trading station in Morocco at Liks (Lixus) in about 1100B.C in the next millenium their decendents, the Carthaginians founded further such posts, including one at Tangiers , and built a town at Rabat.

The name Berber is a variation of the Latin original word ―Barbarian‖, earlier in history applied by the Romans specifically to their northern hostile neighbors from Germania. The Barbary coast, on the coast of northwest Africa was named after the Berbers because they and Arabs pirated ships going to the Mediterranean Sea.

During the 3rd & 4th  century B.C. small berber kingdoms were being established in many parts of Morocco. Over a thousand years after these petty  kingdoms flourished, the Berberes were to build mighty empires which ruled all of North Africa and parts of Spain. But in between these periods of Berbere rule, Morocco was goverened by outsiders: first the romans, and later the Arabs







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